The Metal Furniture Restoration Process

Depending on what type of metal furniture we are working on, the process changes slightly but here is a general overview of what we do. 


The first thing we need to do is assess what condition your metal furniture is in. Sometimes areas of the furniture can be broken or cracked and may need repairs such as welding.

Sand Blasting

Sandblasting consists of firing particles of abrasive material at high speed through a special sand blasting gun which breaks apart the surface paint on the metal furniture.

In most cases, we need to sandblast the metal furniture to remove any old paint, rust and stains. We have our own sandblasting plant which means we don’t outsource anything, giving us complete control over the quality of our service.


Once the sand blasting is complete your furniture will be prepared for powder coating at our factory in Brookvale. Once it is prepared the powder is applied to your metal furniture.

This process is also where protective coatings like zinc primer or e-prime are applied depending on the metal used. This is done prior to applying the colour.

Personal Delivery

When your metal furniture has had its final inspection and is ready for delivery, we will give you a call to pickup your furniture. If you are unable to to pickup your furniture, we offer a pickup and delivery service and can organise a suitable time to return your furniture to you. We make sure that 100% care is taken with the transportation of your furniture.

For more details on our services please check out the rest of our website or feel free to give us a call on 02 99394220 or send us an email enquiry.