Sand blasting (also known as abrasive blasting) is the process of¬†stripping back metal surfaces back to their raw original form. We remove old paint, corrosion and fully clean the surface by blasting abrasive sand over the metal. We also use different types of grit size depending on what type of surface we are needing to sand blast. Large grit is used for items that have been heavily coated in paint or rust and don’t need a smooth finish. Fine grit is what we use a lot because we want to get a very smooth surface finish so it looks perfect when powder coated.

Often, only a very small part of the metals surface is damaged and it is perfectly fine underneath. Sand blasting strips the top layer off leaving it clean and fresh underneath, ready for us to re coat with primer and paint.

Our Factory:

Based in Cromer on the Northern Beaches, our sand blasting factory is equipped with the industries top sand blasting equipment including blasting guns, high velocity compressors, top grade filtration and ducting systems and 600 square meters of work space.


We have Full Control Of Your Project:

From the beginning to end, we have full control of your project as we have all of our own facilities without the need to outsource either the sandblasting or powdercoating (or even the pickup and delivery!).