Powder Coating Restored Metal ChairMFR has its very own Powder coating Plant here in Brookvale, so you can be rest assured knowing we have full control of your project from beginning to end, in house, with no external subcontracting.

We have been powder coating for over 20 years on the Northern Beaches, supplying homes and businesses with the best powdercoating finishes on the market today.

Our team can powder coat almost any type of metal furniture as long as it can fit into our oven!

Powder coating your furniture is the best way to protect it from the harsh elements, heavy usage and keeps it looking brand new for the years to come. Our powder coating team can also do protective coatings before the colour coat goes on, to keep the metal from rusting and eroding which is common in outdoor furniture.

We have a very large range of powder coating finishes and colours available and we exclusively only use Dulux brand products. All of our Dulux powder coats are environmentally friendly compared to wet based paints due to the harsh chemicals used.

Because powder coating is sprayed on dry then baked on in our commercial powder coating oven, there is no need for harsh chemicals to get the paint to set that give off very harmful vapours. Not only that, but the coating is completely even across your entire peace of furniture with no streaks or marking, giving it the perfect finish and maximum durability.

For information on our colour range please check it our colours page